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As the game of baseball has developed, so have the athletes. A proper strength and conditioning program can be the difference between success and the bench.

Pitchers, especially, need a solid strength and conditioning program to maintain both performance and health. At max external rotation, the amount of forces a baseball places on the throwing hand is equivalent to about 40 lbs. Yes, you read that correctly, 40 POUNDS! As a pitcher, you had better be strong, stable, and explosive.


By partnering with Phil Tognetti (CSCS), Pitch Mechanics 101 can now offer you a 12 month program designed to increase your athleticism, flexibility, strength, stability, and explosiveness. All of these components are critical to both health and performance.

If you aren’t strong enough or conditioned enough, it will be impossible to repeat your mechanics for long periods. When your body fatigues. When fatigue occurs, your body will compensate, which is when the likelihood of injuries skyrockets.

With training templates designed for an entire year, you will become stronger, faster, and more bulletproof. If a young ballplayer can learn the importance of strength and conditioning at an early age, he will stay healthier and also have a tremendous advantage over his peers.

Here’s what you’ll learn with Baseball Training Methods:

  • 8 Items that Should Be in Every Baseball Training Program
  • How to Set Up a Strength & Conditioning Program for an entire year
  • How to Incorporate Soft Tissue Work, Pre-hab Exercises, and Dynamic Warm-up Movements into Your Training Sessions
  • Why Your Baseball Conditioning is Set Up the Wrong Way and How to Fix It


If you’re a high school athlete looking to take your game to the next level or a college athlete wanting to try something new and further your career, this program is for YOU! Coach Phil Tognetti and I aim to make each athlete we work with the best they can be and we want to see you succeed. As coaches, it is our instinct to want to see our athletes be the best they can be and we believe in this system. If you want to be the best player/pitcher/athlete you can, don’t hesitate to order! We promise you will see improvements on the field.

If you’d like to order this one-of-a-kind program, you can do so here:

Baseball Training Methods

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  1. I’ll be following on Twitter and hope to learn something! I’m starting to work with more and more baseball players in my clinic, and hope to focus on that long-term. I’ll also keep an eye out for articles.

    – Matt

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