Video Analysis

Not sure what’s wrong with your mechanics? Think you should be throwing harder but you aren’t sure why you’re struggling to add velocity? Or maybe you’ve seen a steady decline in velocity after making changes and aren’t sure what to do next. Pitching with pain is a choice, and not a smart one. A video analysis may just be what the doctor ordered to keep your arm healthy. Having your mechanics analyzed can save your arm from pain while increasing your velocity in a safe, effective way.

What do you get?

You’ll find out where you can make improvements and a plan to do so in a timely manner. Many pitchers have several flaws that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. Don’t waste another bullpen session with a coach who doesn’t know what you need to really improve. Instead you’ll know exactly what you need to work on and a plan to improve. You’ll get specific and individualized drills to fix YOUR flaws to make YOU a better pitcher. Why waste time working on drills that don’t work or won’t address the issues in your delivery?

Is it worth the investment?

I stand by my work and I’m dedicated to making each pitcher I work with the best pitcher he can be. Here’s what one client said about my analysis: “When I first started working with Josh in August of 2014, I was a ineffective thrower who didn’t know much about the art of pitching. I decided to reach out for help and purchase an analysis from Josh with the hopes of him being able to help me. That turned out being one of the best decisions I have ever made. Getting my mechanics analyzed gave me a plan of what I wanted to accomplish, instead of throwing bullpens with no goal other than to throw strikes with poor mechanics. I have made great strides from August 2014 to today.  I am very glad to say that Josh is my go to pitching guy whenever I have a question or experience a problem, even though I haven’t actually met him in person. I would recommend that anybody who wants to improve, and is willing to learn and do the work, should put their trust in Josh and get started working with him as soon as possible.” Pitching mechanics can be a complicated problem. Stop guessing what’s wrong, know what’s wrong AND how to fix it. Don’t waste another day settling for less velocity and command while risking your arm health and future. Another client said: “Hey Josh I had my first game since we spoke yesterday and my command and velocity improved and my shoulder felt great. Thank you so much.” Don’t pitch with pain when you don’t have to. Invest in yourself!

What do YOU need to do?

All you need to order is order your analysis at the link below and email me ( video of you pitching. For best results, send video of you pitching off a mound at, or near, game intensity. This doesn’t mean the video needs to be from a game, although it can be, it just needs to be with the same effort/intensity. Any routine bullpen in between starts is enough. The video should be shot from straight behind (like you would see while watching a game on TV) and directly from the side (showing hand break, similar to what’s shown below). Featured Image -- 461

What are you waiting for?

Every day that goes by, you could pitching with flaws holding you back, putting you at risk for a serious injury. Why remain frustrated with low velocity, inconsistent command, or a sore arm? Get your mechanics analyzed and put your baseball career on an upward trajectory.

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